Cherry blossom season: how to make Cherry Blossom roll

Material Science

Sugar content 60g

Egg yolk 5

Fine granulated sugar 20g

4 proteins

Fine granulated sugar 40g

Low gluten flour 40g

Melted butter 40g

Ingredients: egg yolk 2, fine sugar 30g, low gluten flour 10g, corn starch 10g, milk 200g, vanilla bean pod 1 small segments, softening butter 100g, cherry blossom essence several drops, pink pigment micro

Others: salt Cherry Blossom


1. Make cake roll batter: 20g of egg yolk fine sugar beat to thick, goose yellow, slightly expanded in volume, and generated by crossing the lines.

2 protein was added 3 times to fine sugar, beat until it was lifted and flow, and the shape of drop could be kept unchanged on the protein (before wet foaming).

3 pour the batter into the batter, stir well with the beater.

Sift in the flour with low gluten, and mix evenly with a rubber scraper.

5 pour melted butter (warm, do not heat butter) on the scraper, and mix it evenly with a rubber scraper.

Pour into the baking tray with baking paper, smooth it slightly, tap the bottom of the pan and shake out a little bubble

7 place a row of cherry blossom in the middle to the left. Put in the middle of the preheated 200 degree oven immediately, about 10-12 minutes.

8. Turn golden on the surface, put it in a hot condition, tear off the baking paper, and cover it on the front of the cake with baking paper. Reserve.

9. Make filling material: beat 30g of fine sugar of egg yolk until thick and white, then mix low flour and corn starch and sift it in, stir evenly.

Pour the milk into the previous step slowly, stir well, then add vanilla seeds and mix well.

11 pour the above materials into a small pot and turn on a small fire.

12. Stir the small fire.

Stir in a batter until it is thick but slightly fluid. Turn off the fire, put the pot in cold water or refrigerator to cool down, so that the casserole is ready.

After the sauce is reduced to normal temperature, put the sauce in a mixing bowl and mix well. Add 3-4 and add thoroughly softened butter.

15 use a manual or electric beater to pull out a small pointed paste so that the custard butter filling is done (thoroughly softened butter is good, but if it is still hard, use electric).

16 add Cherry Blossom essence and pink pigment to mix evenly.

17 cake slice, the beginning edge of the roll is cut, the starting edge evenly applies the filling material down, and then the thickness to be coated at the back, and the end left about 5cm without filling.

18. Use the skill to roll up the cake. Wrap it with baking paper after rolling. After refrigerated for 30 minutes, trim the end, cut the pieces for food and trim the end