Children’s strong calcium supplement — how to make egg shrimp cake delicious

With the coming of spring, we can deeply feel that everything is growing in the dark. There are a lot of things harvested in spring have come down ahead of time, but Lily thinks that it's better not to buy fruits that come down ahead of time, because they are all urged by chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which is very unhealthy. I went out in the morning. On my way home, I saw a peddler selling goods on the street. I went to see the fresh shrimp. There were many dishes at home, but when I saw them, I wanted to buy them. When I saw them, I had a recipe in my head and bought them home to supplement calcium for my son.

The healthy and nutritious shrimp cake is out of the pot. I also made some porridge. There are also rolls in the refrigerator. Lunch is OK. You can also supplement calcium for your family.

Material Science

Shrimp half a catty, 2 eggs, onion, salt, chicken essence, a little pepper.


Wash the prawns and control the water content. Put in the ingredients and stir well.

Take a pan, use a bigger spoon, put a spoon into the pan, and make a round cake.

After 2 minutes of low heat, turn over and heat until both sides are golden.