Delicious breakfast – how to make scallion egg cake

This green onion egg soft cake, the method and ingredients are very simple, 10 minutes can be solved, not only simple taste is also very good, everyone quickly to try.

Material Science

1 cup of rich powder (rice cooker), 1 egg, right amount of onion, salt and water


Step1: beat an egg in flour, add salt according to taste, mix well, add appropriate amount of water slowly, make batter become a flowing paste, and then mix onion in reserve;

Step2: pour a little oil into the pan, wipe well, pour in a proper amount of batter and spread it into pancake. Fry both sides yellow and then leave the pan! Enjoy it!


Paste should not be too thick, otherwise it is difficult to spread cakes;

This weight can be spread out about two cakes.