How to cook celery meat

Braised celery and fresh meat

Ingredients: appropriate amount of flour, celery, meat stuffing, soy sauce, salt, shrimp monosodium glutamate, edible oil and sesame oil.

How to cook celery meat

The method of burning celery meat

How to cook celery meat

1. Get all the ingredients ready.

How to cook celery meat

2. Add some water into the flour and make a slightly soft dough. Cover with a damp cloth and wake up for a while.

How to cook celery meat

3. Wash celery and cut into large sections.

4. Heat a pot of boiling water, add celery and fly water.

5. Take out the celery, drain it in cold water and cut it into foam.

6. Mix meat stuffing with soy sauce, soy sauce and salt in advance, then add celery foam.

7. Finally, add a little sesame oil and shrimp monosodium glutamate to mix well into celery meat.

8. Smooth the dough.

9. Roll it into strips.

10. Divide into small even dough.

11. Each piece of dough is rolled into dough.

12. Wrap in celery meat.

13. Place the seal down on the panel.

14. According to the round cake to make cake embryo.

15. Put thin oil on the electric cake, and then put the cake embryo.

16. Fry until golden brown on both sides and cook thoroughly.