How to cook Xiancao

Grass jelly

Main material: 10g of glaring cream powder and 250g of cold boiled water

How to cook Xiancao

Ingredients: honey, fruit in all colors, watermelon, grape and honey red bean

How to cook Xiancao

The practice of burning fairy grass

How to cook Xiancao

1. prepare the glabra cream powder.

How to cook Xiancao

2. make honey beans. Just bubble the big beans, then put them in a high-pressure pot, add water and ice sugar to cook it.

How to cook Xiancao

3. take 10g of glabra cocos paste powder and put it in a small container that can be heated.

4. add a little cold boiled water to powder the glabra cocos paste.

5. then add all the remaining cold boiled water and stir well

6. heat the solution with a small fire, stir it slowly while heating it, and turn off the fire after it becomes thick

7. add appropriate amount of honey to the solution and stir evenly, then put the container aside for cooling, and then become the glaring cream

8. cut the glaring cream into small pieces, prepare fruit and honey bean

9. take the container and put it in ice

10. add two spoons of glaring cream

11. add fruit and honey beans, pour in appropriate amount of honey

12. pour in cold boiled water, stir evenly and serve

Food tips

1. the glaring cream powder is easy to buy on Taobao and is very cheap. A bag can be made 30 times, and can be eaten by 3-4 people at a time. It is a summer summer summer, good and cheap. If you don’t like to make your own glaring cream, you can also use the supermarket bought the finished product of glabra cream instead.

2. when making honey red beans yourself, soak the big red beans for one night, then add water in the high pressure pot that just hasn’t been red beans, then add some ice sugar, choose the bean option, and cook. The cooked red beans are full of soft glutinous, and the water for them is also sweet and delicious. Add some ice to serve as a cold drink. If you don’t like to do it yourself, you can also replace it with the honey beans you bought.

3. when the glaring cream powder is turned on, it is easy to form a uniform solution by mixing with a small amount of water and adding all the water.

4. when heating the solution of glaring cream, it is necessary to use a small fire and stir it constantly so that the gum in the powder can be fully dissolved. This process is very short, and it takes 1-2 minutes.

5. after heating, the thick glaring cream solution will freeze in normal temperature for 15-20 minutes. If you want to eat cooler, you can put it in the refrigerator and then eat it.

6. I don’t have ice water, so I added ice when I cook fairy grass to eat cooler. If you have ice water, you can add ice water directly. If you don’t like to eat too cold food, don’t add ice, and open it with cold white.

7. fruits and honey beans can be replaced with other fruits or preserves that they like.