How to make a butterfly roll

Material Science

Carrot juice, spinach juice, purple cabbage juice, baking powder, water


1. Mix carrot, spinach and purple cabbage juice with fermented powder to form dough, and ferment in warm place.

2. The synthetic dough is white dough, purple cabbage juice dough and spinach dough.

3. Roll the three kinds of dough into rectangular pieces with moderate thickness and equal size.

4. Stack the two kinds of dough together and roll them out a little.

5. Roll from both sides to the center, turn over and cut into about 1. 5 cm.

6. Lay it flat and make it into a butterfly shape.

7. Cut out the whiskers of the butterfly with scissors, and then clip the lower part of the butterfly with chopsticks.

8. Cook for another 20 minutes, put cold water in the pot, spread wet cloth on the grate, and keep the distance between the rolls not too close, otherwise they will stick together. Bring the water to a boil in a big fire, then turn to a small fire, and let it boil for 15 minutes.