How to make a cartoon sandwich

Raw materials: sliced toast, ham, cheese, egg skin, lettuce, purple cabbage, pitaya.

Seasoning: salad sauce or tomato sauce.

How to make a cartoon sandwich

Vegetable & amp; rabbit sandwich, bear & amp; fruit & amp; vegetable sandwich.

How to make a cartoon sandwich

How to make a cartoon sandwich

How to make a cartoon sandwich

1: Three pieces of rabbit shaped toast were pressed out with a small rabbit die.

How to make a cartoon sandwich

2: One piece of toast is pressed with a rabbit facial shaper to press out the shape of facial features.

3: Then, the rabbit shaped ham slices were pressed out by a small rabbit die.

4: The shape of the rabbit was pressed out on the egg skin, lettuce and ham slices with the rabbit mould in turn.

5: Then overlap, according to the order of one piece of toast and two pieces of food, so as to ensure that the upper and lower layers have toast slices, and the top layer is pressed with three-dimensional shape of toast slices.

6: In the same way, bear toast slices and food slices were pressed out with bear sandwich mold.

7: They overlap.

8: Use flower sandwich mold to press out flower toast slice and food slice respectively.

9: They overlap.

10: Use KT cat to press out toast and food slices.

11: They overlap.

12: Finally, use the five-star biscuit to mold out the toast slice and the food slice, and overlap them, and insert the fruit stick.

Experience and feelings

1: When eating, you can dip in some salad sauce and tomato sauce. Of course, you can also apply sauce in the process of overlapping production.

2: What ingredients want to eat on the clip what it, try to enrich some color on the line!

3: Shapes are not limited to one style, and biscuit molds of various shapes can be easily made, which is cheap and easy.