How to make a chiffon cake

Baking base type

Material Science

4 eggs (medium size), 20 g of fine sugar (for yolk part), 80g of fine sugar (for protein part), 3 tablespoons of salad oil, 3 tablespoons of milk, a little vanilla essence, 70 g low gluten flour, 14 spoons of flour, 14 spoons of salt, 12 spoons of lemon juice


1. 4 eggs, separate the protein from yolk, and fill them in two clean, water-free and oil-free basins. Mix flour and baking powder and salt to screen.

2. Add 20 g of fine sugar to egg yolk and stir it in a manual beating machine until sugar is dissolved. Add oil and milk in several times, stir while mixing, add it again after mixing, and finally add vanilla essence to mix well to form yolk liquid.

3. Add the sifted flour, flour, flour, etc. to yolk liquid, and cut it with a scraper to a fine, granular, flowing paste (if there is any particles, it can be crushed and mixed with a scraper at the side of the basin).

4. The temperature of Changdi ckf-25b electric oven (just changed a Changdi ckf-25b, hoping to be able to buy a Changdi computer, Taobao 598 yuan, not willing to buy) is set to 160 degrees, the function is adjusted to the upper and lower tubes, the timer is on, and the preheating starts.

5. Add lemon juice to egg white, beat it with electric beater to make coarse bubble, add fine sugar of protein part three times, beat to dry foaming, that is, when raising the beater, the protein will have a sharp triangle to form protein paste.

6. Add the protein paste into the egg yolk batter three times, quickly and gently stir it with a scraper, pour the mixed cake batter into the 8-inch baking mold quickly, put the middle and lower layers of the preheated electric oven, and adjust the timing time to 35-40 minutes. When it reaches 35 minutes, insert the paste in the middle with a bamboo stick. If there is no wet powder, it will be baked, otherwise, it will continue to be baked again.

7. After removal, snap it back on the oven quickly to prevent retraction. After cooling, if metal mold is used, use a knife or spatula to draw a circle along the mold, and demould. If the use of silicone cake mold, as long as the mold massage massage, and carefully along the edge of the cake and mold separated from the mold can easily demould.


1. The speed of protein sending is fast and then slow. When the protein is sent to dry foaming, continue to hit it slowly. It is important to pay attention to the over pass caused by insufficient degree of protein.

2. The container for protein must be free of water and oil.

3. The mixing method of protein paste and yolk paste must be light and fast, otherwise the protein will easily collapse.

4. The cake paste should be baked in the oven as soon as possible, and then the button shall be removed immediately after baking, and the mold can not be released until it is cool.