How to make a donkey roll delicious

glutinous rice rolls stuffed with red bean paste

Ingredients: 120g soybean, 200g rice noodle, 225ml water, 160g bean paste.

How to make a donkey roll delicious

The practice of donkey rolling

How to make a donkey roll delicious

1. Stir fry the soybeans in a frying pan over low heat until the color of the soybeans turns dark. Turn off the heat when the soybeans open. Stir fry the soybeans over low heat for about 15 minutes. Then cool the soybeans.

How to make a donkey roll delicious

2. The cooled soybeans are stirred into powder by dry mill, and then sieved for standby.

3. Add proper amount of water into the glutinous rice flour and stir it continuously until it is smooth and thick.

4. Put a wet cloth on the steamer drawer, spread the rice batter on the cloth and steam for about 12 minutes.

5. Sprinkle the sifted soybean powder on the table, place the steamed rice dough on the soybean powder, sprinkle a layer of soybean powder on the surface of the dough, and roll it into 0.7 cm thick sheet with a rolling pin.

6. Spread the bean paste stuffing on the dough evenly, roll it up from one end and pinch it tightly at the end.

7. Arrange the rice rolls by hand to uniform thickness, and cut them into 5cm wide pieces with a knife.

hot tip

***You can buy ready-made soybean powder instead of homemade soybean powder. Before use, you’d better pour the bought soybean powder into a pan and heat it over a small heat to make it taste better.

***Jiangmi flour is similar to glutinous rice flour on the market, but the amount of water added varies slightly according to the brand. It depends on the consistency.

***Ready made bean paste stuffing is more convenient. If time permits, you can make your own bean paste. The self-made bean paste can be made more dry and beautiful. You can also adjust the sweetness by yourself.