How to make a Halloween cake

Halloween cake

Cake material:

How to make a Halloween cake

80g butter, 80g sugar, 80g whole egg liquid, 1 spoon vanilla essence, 40g cream cheese (diced)

How to make a Halloween cake

Cream cheese 40g (softened in hot water), original yoghurt 10 g, low Powder 50g, red starter powder 5g, foam powder 12 spoons, red pigment 2 drops

How to make a Halloween cake

50 g pumpkin mud, 60 g low powder, 5g pumpkin powder

How to make a Halloween cake

Chocolate sauce material:

How to make a Halloween cake

Bitter sweet chocolate 20 g, clear water 40ml, fine sugar 12g, light cream 20ml

Chocolate mirror material:

Chocolate sauce 80g, bitter sweet chocolate 80g, light cream 65ml, softened butter 16 g


Decorate eyeballs (a little truffle chocolate, a few melted white chocolate, a little blue protein frost, a little red pigment and a little black pigment)

1 drop of specular pectin and red pigment

Decoration skeleton (melting white chocolate, a little black protein frost)

Halloween cake practice

1 butter softens at room temperature, stir with sugar evenly.

Stir well with the whole egg liquid 2 times, add vanilla essence and mix well.

Divide 3 into 2 equal parts, take a drop of red pigment, add softened cream cheese and original yogurt and mix well.

4. Mix low powder, red starter powder and foam powder, then sift in and mix well, and put it in the flower mounting bag for standby.

5. Add another butter paste and mix with pumpkin mud.

6. Mix low powder, pumpkin powder and foam powder, then sift into mix well and put it into the flower mounting bag.

7 squeeze in the mold, place a few diced cream cheese, and squeeze the mold alternately until 7 minutes full. Preheat the oven 180 degrees for about 25 minutes.

8. Take out and put it on the grid to cool.

9. Make skeletons and goblets with melted white chocolate, and use after solidification.

10 truffle chocolate is rubbed to be more than 0.5g.

11 insert with toothpicks and wrap in a layer of melted white chocolate.

12 after solidification, the color is decorated with blue protein frost, black pigment and red pigment.

13 mix all the ingredients of chocolate sauce and boil. Use after drying.

Cut the bitter and sweet chocolate, and slowly pour in the boiled cream and mix well.

Add softened butter and stir evenly clockwise.

16 pour in the cool chocolate sauce and stir evenly clockwise.

17. Pour on the cake surface when the temperature is 35-40 ℃.

18 after the mirror is slightly solidified, pour in the pectin of pigment, decorate the eyeball, skull and ghost

Food tips

1. the liquid content of the formula is relatively large, and water and oil separation will occur during mixing. It is better to screen in the powder, so it is unnecessary to pay attention to it.

2. use pumpkin after being peeled and steamed and sifted. If the water content is high, it can be put on fire and slightly more dry.

3. cut cream cheese for cold storage.

4. please refer to the practice of truffle chocolate here, because the dosage is very small, it can also be decorated with sugar.

5. if the chocolate mirror drenching sauce solidifies during cake pouring, it can be heated and melted after being heated and melted before use.