How to make a hot dog bag

Hot dog bag

Raw materials: high powder 310G, water 160g, yeast 3G, sugar 60g, salt 3G, milk powder 30g, whole egg 30g, butter 30g

How to make a hot dog bag

Hot dog bag

How to make a hot dog bag

1. After the oil method knead to the expansion stage

How to make a hot dog bag

2. Now it’s hot and the dough ferments for the first time in an air-conditioned room

3. After fermentation, divide the dough into 70-80g each, round and relax for 15 minutes

4. Take a dough and roll it into an oval shape

5. Turn over and fold in from both sides

6. Then pinch the necks

7. Turn over and put into the hot dog mold

8. It’s hot, so the second fermentation is carried out at room temperature. After fermentation, brush the egg liquid and sprinkle sesame seeds

9. Preheat oven 180 degrees, middle and lower 10 minutes later move to middle 5 minutes, a total of 15 minutes

10. Soak lettuce leaves in light salt water for 3 minutes

11. Put the sausage in the cooking box of lekui for 2 minutes

12. Cut the hot dog on the side, add lettuce, cheese slices, sausage, and squeeze in salad sauce and tomato sauce. OK~

hot tip

1. This time I made five hot dogs for the dough, and the other three were made into other shapes

2. Add water according to the water absorption of flour, reserve 20g first, do not add all at once

3. It’s very hot, so I operate the first engine in the air conditioning room, and the second engine is room temperature