How to make a sandwich with eggs and vegetables

Ingredients: Jiadun peeled sandwich, white bread, spinach, ham, cheese, egg

How to make sandwich with eggs and vegetables

How to make a sandwich with eggs and vegetables

1. Preparation of raw materials

2. Take a slice of sandwich white bread, put in ham slices, put in hot spinach.

3. Then put in the omelet and a piece of cheese.

4. Roll up with plastic wrap, set for one minute, cut into sections.

Nutrition and caloric analysis

Nutritional value: spinach is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, iron, calcium, potassium and other minerals needed by the human body. The carotene contained in spinach can be converted into vitamin A in the human body, which can maintain the health of normal vision and epithelial cells, increase the ability to prevent infectious diseases, and promote the growth and development of children. Jiadun cut skin sandwich white bread is rich in protein and low in fat. It is the most original bread in the taste. It is natural and healthy, and suitable for children.