How to make a smile delicious

[materials] one egg (about 50g) white sugar 30g melted lard 15g low gluten flour 150g baking soda 1.5tsp baking powder 1tsp white sesame oil

How to make a smile delicious

1. Beat the eggs, add sugar and lard and mix well;

2. Mix low gluten flour, baking soda and baking powder, sift them into the egg liquid, knead them into dough, cover them with plastic film for 5 minutes;

3. Knead the dough into a strip about 1.5cm in diameter, and cut it into 1-1.5cm wide pieces with a knife;

4. The cut product is rubbed round;

5. After rubbing round, the surface of the preparation is dipped in water gently;

6. Put in sesame and roll on sesame;

7. Round the embryo by hand to make the sesame wrapped firmly;

8. Heat the oil to 60% heat in the pan, put in the embryo, turn to low heat immediately, fry until golden yellow, and then remove the oil;

9. Heat the oil in the pan again, pour it into the deep fried mouth and fry it again until it is almost brown;

10. After the fish is taken out, lay it flat and cool it to eat.