How to make amber peach kernel delicious

Materials: 120 g raw walnut, 15g cotton sugar, 2 tablespoons of honey, 5g butter, 15g cooked white sesame


How to make amber peach kernel delicious

Butter and sesame are added to the material, not necessary, but if not, they will not be so fragrant.

How to make amber peach kernel delicious

Cotton sugar can be replaced with sugar, the amount of the amount can be determined according to their own preference for sweetness.

How to make amber peach kernel delicious

How to do amber peach kernel

1. The raw walnut kernel is boiled in a boiling pot for about 1 minute, which is to remove the raw flavor and dirt;

2. The walnut will be pulled out in the prepared cold water, this is to make the walnut more crisp, this step is best not to save;

3. The walnut will be pulled out, control a water;

4. Use a flat plate to spread walnut nuts, do not fold up, if the amount is too much, can be placed directly on the glass plate of microwave oven, remember that the middle of the best not put, where the largest fire, easy to coke;

5. The middle high fire for 4 minutes, open the middle door to change the lower part, or heat it once in 2 minutes, observe the maturity of walnut, to give out fragrance, slightly emit porphyrin sound, and the surface gradually appears milky yellow as the best;

6. Make syrup, mix the sugar, honey and butter well;

7. Pour syrup on walnut kernel, and dial it to make sure that each is evenly coated with syrup;

8. Put it in microwave again, medium fire for 2 minutes;

9. After taking out, sprinkle the white sesame immediately, mix well, spread, and set it to a proper degree in a moment. It will not stick into a mass like sugar fried. It must be knocked open before it is tasted moderately.


Walnut can be eaten raw, cooked, or served as medicine meal porridge, decoction, etc. after the walnut kernel and black sesame are mixed, it can increase the secretion of sebum, improve skin elasticity, keep skin delicate, delay aging, and quickly supplement physical strength;

Some people like to peel off the brown skin on the walnut surface, which will lose some nutrition, so don’t peel off the thin skin;

Walnut can not be eaten with pheasant meat, and it is not suitable for patients with pneumonia and bronchiectasis;

It is convenient to use this method, which can be done in small quantities, eaten as soon as possible, fresh and delicious. If you worry about not doing well, you can first use the peanut test;

The trick of walnut shell removal: steam the walnut in a steaming cage, steam it for 8 minutes, immediately pour it into cold water for 3 minutes, and then remove the complete peach kernel by breaking the shell one by one.

Walnut is also known as walnut, almond, cashew, hazelnut and walnut are called four big fruits in the world. Walnut has obvious brain function and rich nutritional value. Moreover, walnut has appetizer effect, has the function of moistening blood vein, and can make bone and meat delicate.

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