How to make angelica, jujube and medlar stewed eggs and sugar water delicious

Recently, I feel that I have no strength and no gas and a little dizzy, and I have no appetite. I heard a kind of soup water to replenish qi and nourish the face introduced by a friend who studied medicine. When my friend introduced, he didn't talk about putting Lycium barbarum, just thinking that wolfberry has a bright effect, and I and my sister-in-law have been put into the computer together.

My friend said that women should be better to themselves. Women are made of water. They should moisten them with soup and sugar water. After listening to him, I told my mother that she would buy some herbs when she went out to buy vegetables. (as a result, my father bought vegetables recently, ha…) I had the following works at the time

Note: women should avoid MC when drinking, because female friends you understand, angelica has the function of blood circulation

Material Science

Red date, angelica, wolfberry, egg, ice sugar (actually, it is said that red sugar is OK, because it is blood replenishing)


1. First, wash the red date, angelica, wolfberry and eggs in the pot

2. Then add the appropriate amount of water into the pan and boil

3. Then wait until the eggs are cooked

4. Scoop it out of the pan and peel the egg shell

5. Put the shell shell cooked egg back in the pan. Cook for a moment

6. Finally, add a proper amount of ice sugar, and continue to cook for a few minutes or so


It is suitable for drinking before and after regular holidays