How to make baixiangguo Qifeng delicious

Passionfruit Chiffon

Ingredients: 4 eggs, 60g sugar, 60g passion jam, 10g water, 50g corn oil, 70g low gluten flour.

How to make baixiangguo Qifeng delicious

The practice of baixiangguoqifeng

How to make baixiangguo Qifeng delicious

1. Prepare materials.

How to make baixiangguo Qifeng delicious

2. Separate the protein and egg yolk, add 20g sugar into the egg yolk and stir well.

How to make baixiangguo Qifeng delicious

3. Add corn oil and stir well.

How to make baixiangguo Qifeng delicious

Add 10 grams of water to 4.60 grams of jam and pour into the mayonnaise.

How to make baixiangguo Qifeng delicious

5. Sift the low gluten flour into the egg yolk paste.

How to make baixiangguo Qifeng delicious

6. It’s easy to mix the low gluten flour by sieving it in several times. This picture shows the mixed egg yolk batter.

7. Add 13% sugar when the protein is in the shape of fish bubble.

8. Continue beating until the protein begins to thicken, then add 13 sugars

9. Continue to beat until the surface is straight. Add the remaining 13 sugars when there are lines on the surface.

10. When beating, turn the egg beater in the basin to make sure that it is evenly stirred all around until the egg beater can pull out a short vertical sharp corner.

11. Add 13 protein to the egg yolk paste. Use a rubber scraper to stir gently with the action of cutting (from the bottom to the top, do not draw a circle to avoid protein defoaming).

12. Mix the egg yolk paste evenly.

13. Pour all the egg yolk paste into the bowl with protein, and mix evenly with the same method.

Mix well with the egg yolk.

15. Pour the mixed cake paste into the mold, hold the mold and shake it on the table to shake out the air bubble inside.

16. Bake in a preheated oven at 170 ℃ for about 40 minutes. Immediately turn it upside down and cool it thoroughly before removing the film.

Food tips

1. When separating the egg yolk from the protein, make sure that the basin where the protein is put is completely clean without oil and water, otherwise the protein will not be able to be removed.

2. In the process of protein whipping, white granulated sugar is added in three times. When whipping, the egg beater should also rotate in the basin, so that each position in the basin can be stirred.

3. Pay attention to the mixing method when mixing the beaten protein paste and egg yolk. Turn the mixture from the bottom and cut it. It will be easy to defoaming when mixing in circles.

4. It’s best to use tasteless oil, such as corn oil, to make cakes. If you use peanut oil or olive oil, the baked cake will have a great oil smell.

5. When baking, Qi Feng will expand to a very high level, and the mold should be placed in the middle and lower layer of the oven.

6. When demoulding, wait until the cake is completely cool, use a knife to stick to the mold, and then slowly pull out the cake.