How to make banana chocolate cake

Banana Chocolate Cake

Ingredients: 90g low powder, 30g condensed milk, 65g butter, 50g sugar powder, 1 egg yolk, 10g cocoa powder, 70g banana peeled, proper amount of chocolate (beans), proper amount of baking soda powder (removable)

How to make banana chocolate cake

1. Press the banana into mud with fork, add condensed milk and stir;

2. Soften the butter with a rubber knife at room temperature;

3. Use a blender to stir well, add egg yolk and stir well;

4. Add the condensed milk banana puree and continue to stir evenly;

5. Sift in flour and mix well with rubber scraper in irregular direction;

6. Put the batter into the mould, divide it into 7 parts, and put some chocolate (beans) on the surface;

7. Preheat oven 185 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

The prescription didn’t remember where it was copied, printed or handwritten. It was folded in a thick pile and then turned out. Originally wanted to be lazy to make paper cups, a look, inventory is not very rich appearance, also casually took out the silicone mold. Now I’ve finally got rid of the appearance Association, and I’m much more rational about the desire for auxiliary tools such as molds.

Slightly increase the amount of banana, although there are cocoa powder and chocolate rich flavor, but still can smell the unique flavor of banana baking. When squeezing, the banana is specially kept in small pieces, hoping to highlight the taste.

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