How to make banana honey bean cake

Banana honey bean cake

Ingredients: a banana, 100g low gluten flour, about 4G baking powder, 20g sugar, an egg, 30ml condensed milk (I used 40g), 30g honey beans (or other dried fruits) and 45g vegetable oil

How to make banana honey bean cake

How to make banana honey bean cake

How to make banana honey bean cake

1. Press bananas into mud, put them into a large basin together with eggs, condensed milk, sugar and vegetable oil, and stir them into paste

How to make banana honey bean cake

2. Sift the low gluten flour and baking powder, mix with banana paste, stop until the flour is dry, do not over mix

How to make banana honey bean cake

3. Preheat the toaster, select baking, color burning, and set the time to 1 hour

4. Add the honey beans into the banana batter and stir slightly

5. Pour the paste into the non stick mold, fill it with 7 minutes, the mold size should be able to put into the toaster, and sprinkle some coconut silk on the surface for decoration

6. I put the mold on the bottom of the toaster.. Watch out for yourself

7. Cover and wait. During the observation, after about a quarter of an hour, the paste solidifies slightly. Use any knife to scratch the surface to help crack

8. If the baking is well done, it’s better to insert a long bamboo stick without batter.

hot tip

First of all, it’s good to use the baking function of the toaster, but after all, the ability is limited, so it’s impossible to reach the level of the oven

2. Remember to over stir the batter! Otherwise, it’s a dry, hard, banana flavored pancake

3. The batter should not be filled too much in the mould, it will pop out

4. Baking powder and condensed milk are easy to buy in supermarkets. Baking powder can also be kept, which may lack fluffy feeling

5. What can I do if I don’t buy condensed milk. I really don’t want to buy milk instead. I want to reduce the amount of milk and add a little sugar

6. Due to the limitations of the toaster, it is not easy to color the baking surface, so it is OK to bake it