How to make banana toast

Banana toast roll

Raw materials: toast, banana, egg, white sesame;

How to make banana toast roll

1. One egg, break up and set aside;

2. Several pieces of toast, bite in the microwave for 12-3 seconds, take out and cut off the four sides; peel the banana, cut it into two sections (slightly narrower than the toast), and then cut it in half; wrap a piece of toast with a small section of banana, and gently pinch it with your hand (the toast will become soft and easy to pinch after heating in the microwave; you can also help with the sushi curtain);

3. Roll the roll in the egg liquid, then roll it in the white sesame pile (especially the ends of the roll should be stained with sesame). Put it in a heated oil pan and deep fry it over low heat until the roll is slightly yellow and crisp. Take out the drained oil and pour it with condensed milk to make it taste better.

On the winter weekend, you can get up in the morning and play some new tricks for your family. If you take a bite, the toast is crispy, the banana inside is soft and sweet, and then a warm hot drink will make you feel peaceful.

How to make banana toast

Ingredients: 350 g flour, 50 g Sugar, 5 g salt, 12 g milk powder, 35 g egg liquid, 35 g milk, 55 g water, 105 g banana puree, 35 g butter and 4 g instant dry yeast

Decoration: sunflower seed kernel amount (no need to add), egg liquid amount

How to make banana toast

[banana toast] production process:

How to make banana toast

1. Put all the dough ingredients except butter into the bread barrel, and then add the mashed banana puree.

2. Start the dough mixing process and knead the dough to the expansion stage.

3. Add softened butter and start the dough mixing process again.

4. At the end of the second mixing procedure, the dough is smooth and elastic.

5. Check the dough condition and pull out the transparent film.

6. Round the dough and ferment it. The dough is 2-2.5 times the size. Brush with egg liquid and sprinkle with sunflower seeds.

7. Start baking mode and bake for 40 minutes before the bread turns golden.

8. Demould and cool.

Food tips:

Banana to choose ripe banana Oh, and then spoon rolled into banana mud can be.