How to make bean paste cake

Ingredients: 200g flour, 90ml hot water, 30ml cold water; right amount of red bean paste


How to make bean paste cake

1. Slowly pour hot water into flour, mix well with chopsticks, and then pour cold water to mix well;

2. Knead it into a smooth dough by hand, cover it with wet gauze and soak for about 20 minutes;

Knead the dough well;

4. Divide into about 40 g dosage forms;

5. Roll the preparation into a round skin about 0.2 cm thick;

6. Apply bean paste evenly;

7. Roll up into a tube;

8. Coil from one end;

9. Roll it into a round cake about 0.3cm thick;

10. Heat the pan, add a little oil, and then add the bean paste cake embryo;

11. Turn one side of it over low heat and turn it over. Finally, turn it over until it’s golden on both sides and well cooked in the middle.

Experience sharing:

1. Step 1 when pouring hot water, slowly pour it in circles, so that the flour can be cooked evenly;

2. The noodles should be soft;

3. Step 11: don’t use too much firepower when making pancakes, so as not to scorch easily.