How to make black forest cake

Schwarzwald cake

Material Science:

How to make black forest cake

Egg 5 low powder 70 g cocoa powder 30g sugar 60 g Sugar 40 g (egg yolk) salad oil 62 g water 65 g

How to make black forest cake

Blue windmill light cream 500g sugar Powder 50g sugar stain black cherry half can black chocolate 100g

How to make black forest cake

Black Forest Cake practice

How to make black forest cake

1.5 yolks and 40 g Sugar

How to make black forest cake

2. pour water and continue to stir

How to make black forest cake

3. mix evenly after adding salad oil

4. sift low powder and cocoa powder into egg yolk paste and mix evenly

5.5 proteins sent to the middle partial dry

6. scoop 13 protein into mayonnaise cocoa batter and mix well

7. pour the batter back into the remaining protein and mix well

8. pour the batter into the 8-inch mold and shake it a few times

9. put in the oven with preheating 160, and fire the middle and lower layers for about 60 minutes

10. cut the baked cake into three equal parts after cooling

11. beat with cream and sugar powder until the pattern is clear

12. apply a layer of cream on the bottom of the cake and put on the black cherry

13. repeat the previous step by taking another layer of cake embryo cover

14. finally, apply evenly light cream on the sides and top of the cake body (3 layers of cake embryo, 2 layers of cream black cherry filling)

Sprinkle the front chocolate chips on the sides and surfaces (just after mounting a flower to take pictures)

And then, it’s a great success to mount the chocolate surface with a little flower and black cherry~~