How to make black sesame egg cake

Black sesame egg cake

A bowl of flour, two eggs, a small half bowl of black sesame, one onion

How to make black sesame egg cake

Practice of black sesame egg cake

1. Prepare raw materials.

2. Beat eggs into flour, chop shallots, pour black sesame into flour, add a little salt and pepper.

3. Add water to the flour and mix it with an egg beater to make a paste. I use a silicone egg beater. It doesn’t touch batter at all, and it doesn’t make any noise. I like it very much.

4. Add oil to the pan, heat it up, and pour a spoonful of batter.

5. Turn the pan and flatten the batter with a shovel.

6. Turn it over after frying on one side. Silicone spatula does not damage the pan’s non stick layer, and non stick batter, is the best choice.

I hope it can be effective. I don’t need a thick hair. I’m satisfied with less hair loss.