How to make black sesame pumpkin cake

It's the season of pumpkin marketing again. Nowadays, more and more people like the food made by pumpkin. It is not only nutritious but also attractive in color. It is a good health product to make various pumpkin products.

If you like to cook, you can cut into pumpkin slices and cook them; those who like porridge can add pumpkin slices to rice to make porridge; those who like pasta can steam steamed bread, steamed bun, rolling noodles and baked pumpkin cakes with steamed pumpkin; those who like baking can be used for bread and cake; like… There are so many kinds of pumpkin dishes!

Material Science

1 spoon of sugar, black sesame, 1 tbsp salad oil, glutinous rice flour, pumpkin, oil


1. make pumpkin mud by steaming pumpkin slices (I used three large slices), pour glutinous rice flour and clear noodles in hot, with a ratio of 3:1, add a small spoon of salad oil to continue mixing to form soft dough without sticking hands. Do not add water (because the pumpkin itself contains water), wake up for 15 minutes.

2. the fried black sesame is ground into sesame powder by a blender, and then a spoon of white sugar (added according to personal taste) is added to make the black sesame filling. The pumpkin dough is divided into equal dosage forms. One of the round is flattened into a circle, and then the dough is shaped into a funnel, and then the sesame filling is put in a proper amount. The mouth is sealed tightly (like a bag). Press flat. I press the flat one to press it out with a mooncake mold to press it out.

3. finally, heat in a pan, brush a layer of oil, and heat it. Cook pumpkin cake. The toothpick insertion without attachment indicates that it is mature.


Pumpkin contains starch, protein, carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and other components. It is rich in nutrition, which is often eaten by rural people, and has been paid more and more attention by urban people. It has not only high edible value. And it has the function of food therapy which can not be ignored. According to the “Southern Yunnan herbal” in the paper: Pumpkin sex temperature, sweet and non-toxic, into the spleen, stomach two channels, can moisten the lung and Qi, phlegm discharge strong, insect detoxification, cough and asthma, treat lung carbuncle and constipation, and have diuretic, beauty and other functions. In recent years, domestic and foreign medical experts and scholars have shown that eating pumpkin has the effects of treating prostatic hypertrophy (the seeds of Cucurbita can treat prostatic hypertrophy), preventing prostate cancer, preventing arteriosclerosis and gastric mucosal ulcer, treating diabetes mellitus and turning stones.