How to make blueberry double color frozen cheese cake

Blueberry two color frozen cheese cake

① Blueberry sauce: blueberry 100g, sugar 35g, water 30ml, lemon juice 20ml, maltose 15ml

How to make blueberry double color frozen cheese cake

② Cake bottom: About 80g digested biscuit and 40g butter

How to make blueberry double color frozen cheese cake

③ Two color frozen cheese: 150g cream cheese, 150g light cream, 150g original yogurt, 60g fine sugar, 1 egg yolk, 2.5 gilding slices, 30ml lemon juice, 80g homemade blueberry sauce

How to make blueberry double color frozen cheese cake

Practice of blueberry double color frozen cheese cake

How to make blueberry double color frozen cheese cake

① Production of blueberry sauce:

1. Wash and dry the fresh blueberries, add sugar, mix well and let stand for 30 minutes; add 30ml of water (increase or decrease according to different uses) and lemon juice, boil and turn to low heat, do not crush the blueberries deliberately; add maltose and continue to cook until the water is reduced, and then turn off the heat to cool.

2. Blueberry jam thickens when it cools, because blueberries are high in pectin.

3. If it is only used for jam, put it into the sterilized bottle while it is hot and seal it until it is cool. It’s best to keep it for a few days before opening it.

② Making of cake bottom

1. Materials put the digested biscuit into the fresh-keeping bag, crush it, and melt the butter

2. Add butter to the biscuit crumbs and mix well

3. The amount of butter should be added slowly until the biscuit crumbs are as shown in the figure, and it is better not to scatter immediately

4. Divide the biscuit crumbs into 6 parts evenly and put them into the heart-shaped six continuous die. Compact them with spoon and put them in the refrigerator for setting

③ Production of two color frozen cheese

1. Soak 2 pieces of gelatine in ice water to make it absorb water and soften

2. Add sugar to cream cheese, beat with hot water until smooth, then add egg yolk and stir well

3. Add the softened gelatin slices and stir to melt

4. Take out the container from the hot water, add lemon juice, mix well, put the container into the basin with ice water, stir and cool

5. Add the original yogurt when the temperature is reduced

6. Continue to cool and stir from time to time until it feels thick. Then divide into two parts

7. Beat the cream to 6, you can see the trace, but it can flow slowly

8. Add half of the cream to one part of the cheese paste, stir well and cool until thick

9. Add it to the bottom of the frozen biscuit, half of it, keep it in the refrigerator or freeze it

10. Add another portion of cheese paste into 80g blueberry jam and stir well. At this time, add half of the softened and melted gilding slice (because jam is added again)

11. Add the remaining half of the cream and stir well

12. Take out the mould from the refrigerator, pour the blueberry cheese paste on the solidified white cheese layer, and fill it. Continue to refrigerate or freeze until completely set


When demoulding, use the demoulding knife (no blade) to close to the edge of the mold, let the air in, stick a layer of cellophane on the surface of the six continuous mold, then turn the mold upside down, tap the bottom of the mold, and the six lovely heart-shaped frozen cheese cakes will come out! Then (cut the cellophane) turn them into regular members and put them on the plate. That’s it!

Because my dessert is a biscuit bottom, it’s not suitable to push each silicone mold out when demoulding, because the biscuit bottom will be crisp, and if it doesn’t work well, it will be scattered, so it’s safest to use the whole upside down method!