How to make blueberry Mousse Cake

Blueberry Mousse Cake

Material Science:

How to make blueberry Mousse Cake

Qifeng cake body: 2 eggs, 40 g low gluten flour, 30g yoghurt, 35 g sugar powder (fine sugar can also be), 18G tasteless vegetable oil

How to make blueberry Mousse Cake

Mousse: 120 g cream, 10 g blueberry, 50g sugar powder, 3 Geely dice, and proper amount of boiling water.

How to make blueberry Mousse Cake

Mirror pectin: QQ sugar 1 bag (70 g), boiled water 2 appropriate.

How to make blueberry Mousse Cake

The practice of blueberry Mousse Cake

How to make blueberry Mousse Cake

Qifeng cake body:

How to make blueberry Mousse Cake

1. prepare the materials.

How to make blueberry Mousse Cake

2. divide eggs and keep the container containing protein free of oil and water.

3. after the protein is slightly sent with egg beater, add 13 sugar powder to continue to pass, beat again until it is thick, and then add 13 sugar powder to continue to pass. Send it to lift the egg beater and pull out the inverted triangle (please do not over beat).

4. add vegetable oil yoghurt and the remaining 13 sugar powder into the egg yolk and stir evenly.

5. sift in low gluten flour and mix evenly with a rubber shovel (note that it is not allowed to circle, and stir up and down like fried vegetables).

6. dig 12 protein cream into the yolk paste, and mix it up and down evenly (do not circle, stir up and down like fried vegetables).

7. mix well and pour into the bowl with protein.

8. turn the mixture up and down evenly until the color is consistent (do not circle).

9. pour into the mold, lift the mold with both hands and shake it for several times, shake out the big bubbles in it, put it in the preheated oven, bake at the middle and lower part of 160 degrees for about 30 minutes (according to the situation of the oven). After baking, immediately end the pouring button on the baking net and put it cool for use.

Mousse Cake:

10. the Geely dice is soft with a cold boiling bubble, then add 2 tablespoons of boiling water, stir until melted (it can be added in the microwave for 30 seconds).

11. stir blueberries into blender to make mud.

12. pour cream into a large bowl, beat to 70% hair, and can flow barely.

13. pour all melted Gillette slices and battered blueberries into cream, stir evenly, and then make the mush.

14. after Qifeng cake is completely cool, demould and cut into 2 pieces, and cut the leftover material to make it smaller than the mold.

15. in the mold, put a cake first.

16. pour mousse paste and cover the cake.

17. put another cake on.

18. pour all mousse paste into the cake, cover the cake, cover the fresh-keeping film and put it in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours until it is completely solidified.

Specular pectin:

19. Put QQ sugar in a bowl and pour in proper amount of boiled water (cover QQ sugar).

20. stir with spoon until QQ is completely melted (it can be added to microwave for half a minute).

21. after the melted QQ sugar is completely cooled, take out the mousse cake, scoop out the melted QQ sugar solution with a spoon, and pour it gently and slowly on the cake.

22. cover the mousse cake with fresh film, and refrigerate it in the refrigerator until the surface is completely solidified.

23. when demoulding, blow the mold around with electric blow dryer slightly, and then release the mold easily (use the movable bottom mold).

24. every knife should be cleaned and blown with an electric hair dryer. It is neat and beautiful to cut out.

Food tips:

Qi fan body: whether it is noodles batter or protein cream, pay attention not to ring. The dough paste can make flour gluten easily, cake will not be soft, and the protein ring will easily make the protein bubble, cake cannot be baked. When baking, the oven can not be opened. After baking, take out the button immediately, and release the mold after it is completely cool.

Mousse: there is nothing to say. It’s simpler. Just follow the steps.

Mirror pectin: it is necessary to wait until it is completely cool and then pour on mousse. Otherwise, it will melt mousse. When pouring, it must be poured gently, so that it will not make mousse flower, so as to affect the beauty.

Demoulding: blow the air dryer around to release the mold easily. Do not blow for a long time to avoid mousse melting.

When cutting mousse, before each knife, you should clean the knife and blow it with a hair dryer. Only in this way can the mousse be neat and beautiful.