How to make brandy honey cake

Brandy honey fruit pound cake

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How to make brandy honey cake

A: Low gluten flour 100g, beat powder 14 teaspoons, salt free Cream 100g, fine sugar 40g, egg 2, with skin of golden orange honey fruit 60g, rum 2 tablespoons, lemon juice 1 spoon, lemon peel 1 (about 1 tablespoon)

How to make brandy honey cake

B: Homemade cheese or ice cream 400g

How to make brandy honey cake

The method of brandy honey fruit pound cake

How to make brandy honey cake

1. rum honey orange fruit chopped lemon juice lemon peel mixed evenly, refrigerated for 10 hours to become jam wine (golden orange honey fruit can be changed for raisins, cranberry dry ~)

2. put the whole egg in the pot, add all sugar, heat it off water and stir it to about 40 degrees, and leave the water bath

3. the beater is sent to the white and fluffy state at high speed. After 4-5 minutes, the drop egg paste can write clear 8 words

4. take 14 practices 3 mix cake paste and melted butter, stir evenly without particles, and then pour back to egg paste pot twice and turn over with light hands

5. add jam wine in cake paste (leave some juice for cake plastering) in practice 1, gently scoop and mix evenly, and do not over mix (it will eliminate bubbles normally and try to be light as possible)

6. add low powder foam to the egg paste of practice 3 after the powder is beaten and sifted in 3 times. Mix with a scraper gently every time

7. put the mixed cake paste into the silicone mold with the heart type of the anemone, and bake it in the preheated 160 ° C oven for about 30-35 minutes (during the period, observe and cover the tin paper)

8. demould after discharging from the furnace, brush a layer of jam wine on the cake surface, and then cool it with cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours

9. the cake is divided and cut off on average. Put one cake into the mold, and spread 2 spoons of ice cream (the taste is selected according to your own preference), and then place the other cake on the ice cream, which can be fixed by light pressure

10. wrap the fresh film on the cake surface with the mold, and then freeze it in the freezer for about 60 minutes, and then remove the mold to complete