How to make brown sugar egg cake

Brown sugar egg cake

Ingredients: 800g flour (I use ordinary flour, save trouble, a bag of flour, from biscuits to bread, anything can make do), 2 eggs, 50g brown sugar, a proper amount of dry yeast.

How to make brown sugar egg cake

Practice of brown sugar egg cake

How to make brown sugar egg cake

1. Put the flour into the bowl

2. Break up the brown sugar and put it into a bowl

3. Add water to make brown sugar syrup

4, dry yeast into the warm water to adjust.

5. Beat two eggs into a bowl and stir

6. 8203; 8203; 8203; put the syrup, yeast and eggs into the flour and mix well

7. Pour the flour paste onto the steamer covered with drawer cloth

8. Wait until the volume is nearly doubled and start steaming

9. Boil and steam for another 20 minutes