How to make Bubu cake delicious

Step by step

Ingredients: homemade milled rice noodle 1, kidney bean right amount, soybean oil, sugar right amount

How to make Bubu cake delicious

Step by step the practice of Cake Promotion

How to make Bubu cake delicious

1. Wash the kidney beans, put them into the pot, add proper amount of water, bring them to a boil, and cook them over low heat for 30 minutes

How to make Bubu cake delicious

2. After the beans are soft and rotten, leave a little soup and put in some sugar

How to make Bubu cake delicious

3. Mash it into bean paste while it’s hot and set aside

How to make Bubu cake delicious

4. A piece of self-made polished rice noodles

5. Knead the dough with proper amount of warm water

6. Take a little piece, reunion, press flat (in order to prevent hand sticking, you can apply a little soybean oil on the hand during the production process)

7. Add proper amount of bean paste stuffing

8. Knead up with tiger mouth

9. Knead the seal and get together

10. Press flat

11. Put soybean oil in the pot, heat 60% and put it in turn

12. Deep fry until golden brown, then out of the pot

Food tips

1. Round rice and northeast rice: mix according to the ratio of 7:3, soak for 8 hours, use soybean milk machine or food processing machine or stone mill is the best way to make rice noodles, pour into the bag, then knead into a ball, put it in the refrigerator, thaw before eating, knead with warm water

2. Northeast kidney bean: it is used to make bean stuffing with strong bean flavor, and can also be replaced by red bean

3. Frying oil: it uses bean oil from Northeast China. The fried food is golden in color and crisp in taste

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