How to make candy flower Cupcake

Ingredients: 4 egg yolks, 20g soft sugar, 70g salt free butter, 40g low gluten flour, 10g Monascus powder

Turn sugar: 150 g dry pace, 150 g turn sugar cream

How to make candy flower Cupcake

Others: honey, pearl, sugar, hand powder, white oil, various pigments

How to make candy flower Cupcake

The production process of “sugar flower Cupcake”

How to make candy flower Cupcake

1. Lump butter melts in water;

How to make candy flower Cupcake

2. Keep stirring and melt into liquid for standby;

How to make candy flower Cupcake

3. Egg yolk and protein should be put into the basin respectively, and the container for egg yolk and protein should be free of water and oil;

4. Add 20g soft sugar into the egg yolk and beat until thick;

5. It is milky white to be used after volume expansion;

6. Take out the protein from the cold storage room, beat it with an electric beater, and add 70g soft sugar in batches;

7. Stir until smooth, the texture of protein is wavy and can stand upside down on the blender;

8. Add the egg yolk paste into the protein and mix them well with the manual beater;

9. Sift in the mixture of 30g low gluten flour and 10g Monascus powder, and mix evenly with a rubber scraper;

10. Then pour the liquid butter on the scraper;

11. Mix quickly and evenly;

12. Put the mixed liquid into a paper cup;

13. Put into the middle and lower layer of preheated oven, 180 degrees, bake for about 10 minutes;

14. It is buckled on the grid after being discharged from the furnace;

Turn into large pieces of sugar and paste, 1:15;

16. According to the surface diameter of cupcake, select a round mold to take out the disc;

17. Spread a layer of honey on the cupcake, and then cover the surface of the cupcake with the disc;

18. Use toothpick to take out pigment to dye sugar;

19. In this way, you can prepare various kinds of sugar according to your personal preference;

20. Remove the wafer with a circular die;

21. Three sheets in a row, middle diameter smeared with honey;

22. Roll them up and cut them in the middle;

23. Arrange the leaves and flowers, so that a small flower is finished;

24. It can be made into different sizes according to the diameter of the disc, select flowers of various colors, and stick them on the surface of the cake;

25. Press out the leaves with the mould;

26. Stick them on the edge of the flower;

27. Press out small five petals of flowers with mould;

28. In the middle, brush some honey and put the Pearl sugar into the flower core;

29. Apply honey on the edge of cupcake;

30. Stick the white flowers along the edge;

31. This way, the paper cupcake is finished.

Food tips:

1. Whisk the egg white into an oil-free and waterless container. First, beat it with an egg beater to form a thick bubble. Then, add sugar in several times. Continue to beat until the egg white is smooth and has obvious lines. Lift the egg beater and the egg white will naturally droop and not drip, showing a long triangle shape;

2. Pay attention to the way of mixing, don’t over mix, mix the batter smoothly by bailing;

3. The mixture of Toutang ointment and ganpeisi in the ratio of 1:1 or 2:1 can reduce the cost, reduce the ductility of Toutang and make the Toutang dry faster;

4. Apply white oil on your hands or lard, but the taste is a little heavy;

5. Make puff with sugar powder and corn powder according to the ratio of 1:1. When making sugar flower, you can use puff clapboard or workbench to prevent it from being stained;

6. With honey, brandy and other spirits can be viscose, some also said that you can use water (but I haven’t tried);

7. This method of making flowers is the simplest, as long as you choose three to four pieces of the same diameter, arrange them in order, apply a layer of honey in the middle, roll them up, cut them from the middle, and arrange the petals, so that you can form two beautiful flowers; different straight diameters determine the size of the flowers.