How to make Cantonese horseshoe cake

Cantonese horseshoe cake

Materials: 175 grams of horseshoe powder, 230 grams of red sugar, 300 grams of water, 500 grams, 10-12 horseshoe

How to make Cantonese horseshoe cake

Practice of Cantonese horseshoe cake

How to make Cantonese horseshoe cake

1. Horseshoe powder with 300 grams of water, standing for more than 30 minutes.

2. Clean the horse’s hooves and cut them into small pieces.

3. Take a pot, add red sugar, 500 grams of water and bring to a boil.

4. Add horseshoes to the boiling water, and then turn to low heat after boiling.

5. Scoop one third of the raw pulp with horseshoe powder into the pot and mix the mature pulp.

6. The cooked pulp is poured into the raw pulp and stirred into the raw pulp.

7. Put salad oil on the container to prevent it from staining, and pour the cooked horseshoe cake.

8. Steam over high heat for about 30 minutes until cooked.