How to make caramel apple cake delicious

Caramel Apple Cake

Ingredients: 5 eggs, 85 g low gluten flour, 40 g salad oil, 40 g fresh milk, 80g fine sugar (for cake), 2 apples, 70 g white sugar (for fried sugar color), and proper amount of rum.

How to make caramel apple cake delicious

The practice of caramel apple cake

1. Two apples, peel and cut the seeds for spare.

2. Put sugar in a pan for a while, add a small amount of water to stir until discoloration, stir until caramel color turns off the fire quickly.

3. Add apple to caramel and stir fry soft. Add a proper amount of rum to dry the soup.

4. Brush the butter on the wall of the mold to prevent sticking, and pour the fried caramel apple into the bottom of the mold.

5. The egg yolk was separated and the protein was beaten to dry foaming state by beating egg beater.

6. Add the yolk to the sugar to break. Add salad oil and milk in turn and stir well. Add the sifted flour, and gently stir with a rubber scraper.

7. Mix the protein and yolk paste well.

8. Pour the mixed cake paste onto the caramel apple, smooth it, hold the mold by hand and shake it twice on the table, and shake the air bubble out of the inside. Put in a preheated oven, 170 degrees, about 40 minutes. The baked cake is taken out of the oven and immediately buckled on the cooling stand until it cools. Then, demould, cut the block.