How to make carrot cake

Carrot cake

(refer to my first baking book by @ Bada Xiaomei, slightly modified)

Ingredients: Half Root carrot, 4 eggs (room temperature), 80g fine granulated sugar, 40g brown sugar (after sieving), 60g salad oil (corn oil for me), 250g low gluten flour (low flour almond powder for the original recipe), 4G baking powder, 3G salt (no salt for the original recipe)

How to make carrot cake

1. Prepare all the materials, put the paper cup into the mold, wash the carrots, peel them and rub them into filaments;

2. Beat the eggs, add sugar and brown sugar, beat until the sugar dissolves, add salad oil and mix well;

3. Sift the low flour, baking powder and salt, add them into the egg liquid, mix them gently and quickly until there is no obvious dry powder;

4. Finally, add shredded carrots, mix well, put them into a flower mounting bag, and squeeze them into a paper cup;

5. Preheat the oven 180 degrees, middle layer, upper and lower heat, bake for about 20 minutes until the surface is colored. (insert a toothpick into the middle of the cake and pull out the non stick batter.)

Because of the brown sugar and carrot

The taste of the finished product is unique, sweet but not greasy

The taste is also very good, soft with chewiness!

How to make carrot cake

Carrot cake

Material: low powder 150g

How to make carrot cake

100g white sugar, (brown sugar is also delicious)

How to make carrot cake

2 eggs, (large)

How to make carrot cake

Corn oil 50g

150 g carrot puree

Yugui powder 1g

Milk powder 10g

Baking soda 1 g

Baking powder 2G

How to make carrot cake

1、 Wash the carrots, peel them, rub them into silk with a wire eraser, put them into a microwave oven container, add water and heat for 3 minutes, take them out, air them in the air, and smash them into mud.

2、 Sift low gluten flour and other flour twice

3、 Beat the eggs with sugar at low speed, add corn oil or beat well at low speed, add carrot puree and stir well. Put in the sifted flour and cut it with a rubber knife,

4、 Oil the mold, pour the carrot cake paste into the grinding tool, and scrape the surface.

5、 Preheat the oven 180 degrees, put it in the middle and lower layer of the oven and bake for 35-40 minutes. Prick it with a bamboo stick. If it doesn’t touch the cake liquid, it means it’s cooked. You can also add or subtract about 5 minutes according to the characteristics of your oven.

Heat up a glass of milk and add a piece of cake. It’s a good breakfast

How to make carrot cake

Carrot and silk cake

Raw materials: 50g carrot silk, 50g egg, 100g flour, 100g milk, 10 g green onion and 1g salt

How to make carrot cake

Weight: about 8

How to make carrot cake

The practice of carrot silk cake

1. Add eggs to carrot silk. (carrot silk can be peeled with carrot and cut into silk. The thinner the better, it can be used with tools)

2. Add flour and milk (flour is better sifted so that particles are not easy to be found)

3. Finally, add salt and onion,

4. Stir evenly, pan is heated, put batter into pot in stages, and spread into a round cake shape. The front and the back are well branded. (use a small fire, or it will be easy to paste)