How to make cat paw cake

Cute cat paw cake

Materials: these materials can make 8 cat claws

How to make cat paw cake

Egg liquid 60g, soft sugar 25g, low gluten flour 60g, baking powder 1g, butter 55g, cocoa powder

How to make cat paw cake

How to make cute cat paw cake

How to make cat paw cake

1. Beat the egg liquid, add the soft sugar, beat evenly, no need to beat

2. Sift the flour and add it to the egg. Mix well

3. Melt the butter into liquid, add to the batter and mix well

4. Take a spoonful of batter into another container and add a little cocoa powder to make the batter

5. Put the rest of the batter in a squeeze bag and refrigerate for 30 minutes

6. Put the cocoa batter into a small squeeze bag, squeeze it into the concave part of the mold, and refrigerate until it solidifies

7. Take out the batter, put it at room temperature for a while, and take out the mold

8. Squeeze the batter into the mold for 8 minutes and fill the middle layer of 170 degrees for 15 minutes