How to make Chaoshan zongzi delicious

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming, so learning how to make zongzi can come in handy

Material Science

Glutinous rice, chicken, mushrooms, shrimps, chestnuts, red beans, ginkgo, soy sauce, sugar, sand tea powder, salt, Zongye, Zongsheng


Wash the glutinous rice and cook it into glutinous rice.

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After the mushrooms are soft, remove the pedicels and cut into 2.5; soak the shrimps in boiling water; cut the salted egg yolk into half and set aside.

Press red beans in pressure cooker for half an hour, filter the water, crush them, add oil and sugar and fry them into red bean paste.

Stir fry the glutinous rice into 2 portions of sweet glutinous rice.

Wash the rice dumpling leaves and the rice dumpling rope. Fold a piece of rice dumpling leaves into a funnel at one third of the place. Scoop in bean paste, sweet glutinous rice and Ginkgo in the funnel. Then put in salty glutinous rice, Lentinus edodes, chestnuts, salted egg yolk and other fillings, and fill them with chicken. Then fold the excess rice dumpling leaves back over the funnel and wrap them. Tie the rope tightly around the waist of the rice dumpling. After that, put them into the pot and steam them for 20 minutes It’s edible.