How to make cheese toast


In cold storage: 210 g of high powder of golden statue, 120 g of water, 2G of Golden Swallow yeast and 1.5g salt

How to make cheese toast

Main dough: 90 g of high powder, 50g cream cheese, 50g of whole egg liquid, 18 g milk powder, 50g fine sugar, 2G salt, 1g of Golden Swallow yeast, 30g of salt free cream

How to make cheese toast


How to make cheese toast

1. dissolve the yeast in the medium materials in water, mix the high powder and salt in the medium materials after all the yeast is dissolved in water, and then knead it into a smooth dough (knead by hand for about 5 minutes), cover the fresh-keeping film and refrigerate it in the refrigerator for more than 17 hours (no more than 3 days).

How to make cheese toast

2. make dough, take out the middle dough after cold fermentation, tear it into small pieces by hand, mix with all materials except the salt free cream in the main dough, mix it until the surface is smooth, and then add the small piece of salt-free cream to the complete stage (it can open large transparent film, and the edge of the hole is smooth). After rolling, cover the fresh-keeping film, and relax for 25-30 minutes

How to make cheese toast

3. divide the dough into 275 * 2 parts, and then roll them round and cover the fresh-keeping film for 10-15 minutes (the remaining dough forms two small meal bags).

4. after the relaxation, flatten the dough and exhaust the dough, roll the dough into a cow tongue, fold the left and right sides up after turning over, then roll it up from the top and down, and squeeze it tightly at the sealing place and then discharge it into the toast mold in turn.

5. Serve two times to eight minutes full, middle and lower layers of oven, 200 degrees, about 35 minutes.

6. after color is applied, tin paper shall be immediately covered. After baking, it can be demoulded and put on the oven for drying (at least 2 hours for at least 1 and a half hours until the temperature is completely cooled).


1. please soften cream cheese at room temperature before use. In addition, there are methods for preservation of cream cheese for reference.

2. obviously, there are too many 275 grams of dough to be divided this time. A big pop is very big. It should be about 250 grams next time.

3. the dough of this toast is similar to that of the 100 alcohol milk of feijuan, so it is also a delicate and tall toast after it is fired.

4. the dough of this formula has a total of 600. I have two meals in the remaining dough.

5. the time and temperature of the oven are for reference only. Please adjust according to the actual situation of your own.