How to make cheesecake

Cheese Cake

6 inch (15cm) round cake mold 1

How to make cheesecake

Cake base material: 70 g digested biscuit, 35 g salt free butter (heated and melted)

How to make cheesecake

Sandwich raw materials: 100ml of liquid in blueberry, 100g of Blueberry (after water removal), 2G of fish gel powder

Cream cheese paste (Lavender part) raw materials: 180g cream cheese (back to room temperature), 50ml of fresh milk oil, 50g of sugar free original yoghurt

150g of blueberry with sugar water (Blueberry after water removal), 50g sugar, 7g fish gel powder

2 tablespoons of liquid in blueberry with sugar water and 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice

Surface decoration raw materials: fresh blueberry, blueberry pectin

1、 The middle sandwich

1. I use one can of blueberry with sugar water. The cake is just in good quantity (Fig. 1).

2. pour 2G of fish gel powder into 100ml of sugar water blueberry liquid, stir well, and then use microwave for 30 seconds to stir and cool for standby (Fig. 2 and 3)

3. prepare a round container with a diameter of about 12cm, pour in 2 liquids, then filter 100g of sugar water blueberry into it, then pour it into it. After gently stirring, wrap it with fresh-keeping film and put it in the refrigerator freezer for freezing (the 12cm container is smaller than 15cm cake mould, which can be placed in the middle, and the surrounding layer is wrapped with cheese layer. The sandwich layer made by this layer is beautiful) Fig. 4

2、 The way to make the bottom of cake

1. put the digesting biscuit in the food bag, crush it with a rolling stick, pour the melted butter, and continue to roll it with the rolling stick until it becomes a uniform fine powder (Fig. 5 and 6)

2. pour 1 powder into cake mold, and use rolling stick to paste bottom, and put it in refrigerator for freezing (Fig. 7)

3、 Cream cheese paste

1. use egg beater to score 50g of fresh milk oil to 6 points (change silk, can draw the pattern and do not disappear) and put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration (Fig. 8)

2. pour the cream cheese back to room temperature into the container and beat it with an electric egg beater for standby (Fig. 9)

3. crush 150g sugar water blueberries after filtering dry water with a pulverizer (FIG. 10), add 50g of sugar, stir them into a small pot, heat them with small heat (do not boil). For about 1 minute, the sugar melts and turns off the fire (FIG. 11)

4. add 50g yoghurt and stir well with egg beater (Fig. 12)

5. add 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice into 2 tablespoons of liquid in blueberry, add 7g of fish gel powder and stir well, then tinkle in microwave for 15 seconds, add 4 to stir well (FIG. 13 and 14)

6. add 5 points to 2 cream cheese, stir while adding, and then mix it with a fine mesh (to make the taste more delicate) (FIG. 15, 16, 17)

7. add a basin of ice water under the container of 6, stir with rubber shovel, and stir it straight until it becomes more sticky silk (or it can be mixed in the refrigerator for 110-15 minutes or so, which makes it more sticky) (Fig. 18)

8. take out the cream paste of 1 refrigerated in the refrigerator, pour it into 7, mix it evenly with rubber shovel (Fig. 19)

4、 Synthesis:

1. remove the bottom of cake from the refrigerator and pour 23 of cream cheese paste 8 evenly (FIG. 20)

2. take the sandwich part of the first piece that has been initially frozen from the refrigerator, carefully take it out of the container, put it in the center of 1, and press down slightly (Fig. 21)

3. pour the remaining cream cheese paste into 2 and smooth with a flat shovel (Fig. 22)

4. place the fresh blueberry one by one on the cake surface, press down with your fingers, and then bury half of it in the paste, and float half on the top (Fig. 23), and put it in the refrigerator for about 2 hours to solidify

5. brush the pectin evenly on the surface with a brush, and after it solidifies, demoulding can be eaten (Fig. 24)

6. pectin method: add Blueberry Jam (or jelly) with equal amount of water, and tinkle with microwave for 30 seconds, and brush on the cake surface after slightly cool,

Brush before setting