How to make cherry and litchi Mousse Cake

Cherry litchi Mousse Cake

Chocolate mousse material: bitter sweet chocolate 35g, light Cream 15ml, whipped light cream 35g

How to make cherry and litchi Mousse Cake

Cherry filling materials: 50 g of decayed cherry, 10 g fine sugar, 2ml lemon juice, 2G corn starch

How to make cherry and litchi Mousse Cake

Materials of lychee mousse: 200g litchi fruit mud, 120 g Italian protein cream (73g fine sugar, 22ml of clear water, 40g protein), 170ml of cream sent, 13 g of Geely dice

How to make cherry and litchi Mousse Cake

Others: 1 sponge cake, 1 slice for 15cm, 100g of light cream (100g light cream and 10 g Sugar mixed), several pieces of frosted biscuit, proper amount of fresh cherry

The practice of cherry litchi Mousse Cake

1. add sugar and lemon juice to the cherry and cover it for a while.

2. cook slowly after the soup is produced. Pour corn starch into the soup after thick. Stir quickly and leave the fire for standby.

3. mix cream and chopped chocolate in water until dissolved.

4. mix well with the whipped cream after drying.

5. lay a 12cm cake piece in the mold.

6. pour milk chocolate, pour cherry filling on the surface, refrigerate and solidify.

7. heat 50 g litchi fruit mud over a small fire, pour into the gelatine flake which is soft and drained to dissolve. Pour back the remaining mud and mix evenly.

8. make Italian protein cream.

9. pour the fruit mud into the Italian cream and mix evenly, and mix well with the whipped cream.

10. pour in half of the mold, freeze quickly until set, and place Chocolate Mousse with cherry cream on the back buckle. Pour in the remaining lychee mousse for the night.

11. cake demoulding.

12. squeeze cream flowers with light cream and then decorate with frosted biscuit box cherry.