How to make cherry Pudding Cake

Chelizi Pudding Cake

Raw material: (21cm square baking plate)

How to make cherry Pudding Cake

High gluten flour 230g sugar 100g milk 130g light cream 200g4 eggs (small grass eggs) car Li Zi 200g

How to make cherry Pudding Cake

Butter 25g cinnamon 12 tablespoons

The practice of chelizi Pudding Cake

1. Cherry nuclear cutting half standby (Fig. 1)

2. Milk at room temperature with yeast and 15g sugar for 15 minutes for standby (Fig. 2)

3. Add 2 eggs, butter and laurel powder and 30g sugar into the mixer (or bread machine) to stir the high powder into a dough (Fig. 3, 4)

4. Room temperature fermentation for about 30 minutes (Fig. 5)

5. Spread on a pan with oil paper (Fig. 6)

6. Press the cutter face up into the face (Fig. 7)

7. Add 2 eggs to separate in another container, pour in cream and 30g sugar, stir well (Fig. 8)

8. Pour slowly between the drips

9. And then spread 25g sugar

10. Oven preheating 200 degrees, middle baking 30 minutes complete (Fig. 9)

11. Take out and cool, remove the oil paper and cut the small pieces of food