How to make chestnut cake roll

Chestnut cake roll

Chestnut: 1.5kg chestnut kernel, 50g butter

How to make chestnut cake roll

Surface decoration and filling: chestnut, golden syrup, condensed milk, milk

How to make chestnut cake roll

Cake paste: 5 eggs, 70g sugar, 40g milk, 60g low flour, 30g olive oil, 30g chestnut paste

How to make chestnut cake roll

The method of making chestnut cake roll

How to make chestnut cake roll

Chestnut paste

How to make chestnut cake roll

1. Peel off the shell of chestnuts and cook them with water. Peel off the outer layer to get 1.5 Jin chestnuts

How to make chestnut cake roll

2. Stew the chestnuts in a slow stew until they can be mashed with chopsticks (pressure cooker is OK), add 50g butter and mix well. I stewed in a slow stew for several hours with little water, so I don’t need to fry. If I use a pressure cooker, I’d better filter the water and add butter, mainly for aroma. So a small amount of chestnuts is OK, but not much. Chestnuts are sweet, so no sugar is needed

3. Sift the chestnut mud for standby (this step takes a lot of time ~ I sifted for several hours)

Making cake

4. Separate the yolk from the egg white

5. Add 30g olive oil to egg yolk and mix well

6. Add 30g chestnut and stir (I didn’t stir it very carefully ~ there are some visible chestnut in the finished product)

7. Add milk and stir well

Sift in the flour evenly and set aside

9. Add sugar 70g to egg white 2-3 times until soft hook appears (as shown in the figure)

10. Mix the egg yolk paste with the protein cream twice (preheat the oven before mixing the double paste)

11. Pour into the baking tray covered with oil paper

12. Put it into the middle layer of the oven preheated at 175 ℃ for 10 minutes, then bake it at 150 ℃ for 10 minutes (the temperature of this new oven is slightly higher, so the second half of the oven should be cooled down ~ please operate according to the actual situation of your own oven)

13. remove and buckle, chestnut and syrup and condensed milk seasoning, add milk to adjust the thin consistency and smear on the surface. (no specific dosage is recorded. It is about condensed milk and syrup 1:1~ added to chestnut, then sweetened and then added with a small amount of milk to make it soft).

14. Keep it rolled, cool and take it out. Cut off the head and tail and decorate the surface

15. On the surface, squeeze the chestnut with adjusted consistency, and then place the whole ripe chestnut and parsley (I only have coriander) on it