How to make Chiba cake

Chiba cake

Raw materials:

How to make Chiba cake

Material a: egg yolk 100g, fine sugar 30g (I use 20 g), salt 1g

How to make Chiba cake

Material B: 40 ml of water (I use 45 ml milk), salad oil 50g

How to make Chiba cake

Material C: 100g low gluten powder, 3 G foam powder (I didn’t put it, but I added 10 grams of protein)

How to make Chiba cake

Material D: protein 150 g, Tata powder 0.5g (can be replaced by a few drops of white vinegar or lemon juice), fine sugar 90g

How to make Chiba cake

Material E: 1 egg yolk, 2 tablespoons jam

How to make Chiba cake

The practice of thousand leaf cake

How to make Chiba cake

1. mix material a

How to make Chiba cake

2. add material B to stir evenly.

3. add material C to mix evenly (the low reinforcement powder shall be sieved)..

4. mix into yolk paste.

5. material D is put into the container.

6. send dry foaming protein cream.

7. scoop 13 cream into the yolk paste.

8. mix well with yolk paste.

9. pour practice 8 into the remaining 23 protein cream.

10. turn over evenly with light and fast.

11. pour the batter into the rectangular baking pan with oil paper, and scrape the surface with a scraper.

12. mix the material e well.

13. after screening, it shall be put into the mounting bag for standby.

14. extrude the line pattern evenly on the surface of cake paste with the material of practice 13.

15-16. then transfer back and forth with toothpicks to make the yolk liquid like a bamboo leaf, and then it can be sent to the oven for baking.

17-18. baking: (time temperature is for reference only, please take your own oven as the standard) preheat the oven in advance, 190 degrees, 18-20 minutes, after leaving the oven for cool, cut into 2 pieces, apply cream or jam according to the taste of the individual, then cut into small pieces, or roll into Swiss Roll.