How to make children’s fruit cake

Children's fruit cake

Ingredients for cake embryo: 5 eggs, 80g low gluten flour, 40g salad oil, 4 drops lemon juice, 40g fresh milk, 50g fine granulated sugar (added to protein), 30g fine granulated sugar (added to egg yolk)

How to make children's fruit cake

Decoration: cream, yellow peach, strawberry, cocoa powder, kiwi fruit, edible pigment

How to make children's fruit cake

How to make children’s fruit cake

1. Separate the egg yolk. Add 30 grams of sugar to the yolk and beat gently. Add salad oil and milk in turn and stir well. Then add in the sifted flour and mix it gently.

2. Add 50g white granulated sugar into the egg white three times, and beat the protein to the state of dry foaming with the egg beater.

3. Pour 13 protein into the egg yolk paste, gently stir with a rubber scraper. Then pour the egg yolk paste into the bowl with protein, and stir evenly with the same method until the egg yolk paste and protein are fully mixed.

4. Pour the cake paste into the cake mold, put it into the preheated oven, bake at 170 ℃ for about 40 minutes.

5. Cool the baked cake embryo, cut it from the top to the bottom in the middle, spread a layer of cream, and put yellow peach in the middle.

6. Put on another slice of cake and spread the cream evenly.

7. Add a little cocoa powder into the cream and decorate the cake.

8. The theme of the cake is the two baby heads. Put two pieces of yellow peaches on the cake, paint the mouth, eyes and hair with milk, and decorate them with strawberries.