How to make chocolate cake with nuts

Nut chocolate cake

Formula: a butter 100g, fine sugar 50

How to make chocolate cake with nuts

2 eggs B, 50g sugar

How to make chocolate cake with nuts

C low powder 80g, cocoa powder 40g, ripe walnut shred 55 G

How to make chocolate cake with nuts

Noodles: 67 g dark chocolate, 25g milk

Decoration: Almond corner (the walnut chips and almond corners used in the formula need to be baked in 175 degrees 10 minutes in advance)

The practice of nut chocolate cake

1. After butter softens, add fine sugar and mix well with a scraper

2. Send butter to volume, loose and white

3. Add 2 eggs with fine sugar to disperse until sugar melts. Add butter in four times. Stir evenly and add the next amount again

4. Add the butter after the egg, very fine and loose

5. Mix low powder and cocoa powder and mix well in the butter

6. Add the cooked walnut and mix well

7. Wrap tin paper in the mold, pour the finished cake paste into it and smooth with a scraper

8. Heat in the middle of the oven with a preheat of 175 degrees, bake it up and down for 40 minutes, remove

9. Lift tin paper, release and cool cake

10. Melt the dark chocolate and milk for the noodles

11. Pour chocolate liquid on the cake surface while hot. Smooth and sprinkle with crushed almonds

12. After the surface chocolate solidifies and hardens, it is cut into strips. Sugar powder can be sprinkled when eating