How to make chocolate Charlotte delicious

Chocolate Charlotte

Raw materials: 4 eggs, low flour of Meimei, 100g Korean young sugar, proper amount of Archaean frost

Oven: Kairen embedded oven kws60d.q-nn58l

Egg beater: KP mlhm10

Chocolate Charlotte

1. egg yolk and protein are separated and put in two containers respectively. The flour is sifted.

2. beat the protein with egg beater until foaming, add sugar in three times, and make 9 Distribution beater mixing rod with short protein with slightly curved tip).

3. the beater does not need to be cleaned, and directly beat the yolk to a uniform level (I usually hit the color slightly white).

4. add egg yolk paste into a small part of the protein paste, mix it with a scraper, and then pour it back into the remaining protein paste, and then cut and mix evenly with a scraper.

5. add flour in batches (I add flour 3-4 times), mix well and add it to the next one.

6. the flower mounting bag is loaded with a 1cm mouth and mixed batter.

7. preheat the oven for 190 degrees for 10 minutes (210 degrees for original, 12-15 minutes).

8. squeeze in the batter with a length of 7cm on a high temperature oilcloth or baking paper. A little space is left between the batters to prevent the paste from sticking to each other (the extra batter is put in cold storage and waiting for the next oven to be baked, which can reduce the problem of defoaming for too long waiting time).

9. evenly spread the frost, place for about two minutes, and sprinkle the frost again into the oven.

The Medium-layer baking at 10.190 degrees was about 14 minutes.

Cocoa Qifeng cake

The ES chocolate from the hill of mousse square

Here are the specific materials and methods (this quantity can be made into a 6-inch and 6 muffin cups)

Raw materials: milk 220g, egg yolk 55g, white sugar 90g (thick sweet chocolate is used for the original prescription, sugar volume is 55g, I use fafuna satilia black Qiao, cocoa fat is 62, sugar content is increased), fafuna Blackjack (62) 300g, blue windmill light cream 540g, Bailey sweet wine 35g (original is raspberry fruit wine), gigitin 8g, and 66 fafuna black chocolate 50g are prepared for decorative surface decoration

The practice of cocoa Qifeng cake

1. preparation: cut chocolate into fine pieces, and add ice and water bubble to Geely (spread, try not to overlap), and prepare two pieces of cake less than 6 inches

2. the production process is slightly different according to the personal habits book as follows

① Add 10g sugar to milk, heat it over medium and small heat until sugar is completely melted, and turn off the fire before boiling.

② . add 50g sugar to make the egg yolk white (so that the temperature distribution is even when milk is added). Add milk into egg paste in batches, stir until mixed evenly, and pour back to the pot. Heat the medium and small fire to 85 ℃ (paste hanging on the shovel, scratch marks with your fingers will not disappear) turn off the fire.

③ . after the temperature is reduced to below 80 ℃ (but not lower than 40 ℃, too low temperature will affect the setting effect of Geely Ding), add the jilitin with drained water, and stir it to melt continuously.

④ . add chocolate in several times, stir and melt continuously (if the temperature is relatively low, chocolate is not easy to melt, it can be stirred to melt continuously in hot water at 40 ℃)

⑤ . add the Bailey sweet wine and stir evenly.

⑥ . add 30g sugar to cream and distribute to 6-7.

⑦ . add the batter into a small part of the chocolate solution, mix well with a scraper, pour into the remaining cream paste, and continue to stir evenly.

3. assembly. Put a cake slice into the 6-inch mold, pour 12 cake paste, then put another piece of cake (don’t shake after putting the cake into it, which will cause the cake to float up), then pour the remaining chocolate mousse (smooth the surface with a spatula) and refrigerate it in the refrigerator until it is frozen.

4. cut chocolate into pieces, heat insulation and melt, refrigerate until it is solidified, and scrape into debris with a ball cutter.

5. take out the mousse for the night, demould, decorate the finger cake, sprinkle chocolate on the surface.