How to make chocolate chicken cake

Material Science

A. 250 g whole egg, 100 g fine sugar, 85 g B. low gluten flour, 20 g Chengfen, 15 g cocoa powder, 2 g C. baking soda, 10 cc water, 30 g D. cream


1. Add water to the steel basin, turn down the heat and boil it to 50 ℃ (i.e. it feels hot when you test the temperature with your fingers), then turn off the fire for standby.

2. Take another steel basin, put material a, put it on Method 1, and stir it with a straight egg beater until it is at the same temperature with the human body.

Then use the electric mixer to mix the egg with air at high speed, and stir until the egg is smooth and fine. Pull up the egg with the beater, the egg will show obvious lines, but disappear immediately. Then stir at low speed for 30 seconds to make the egg more fine and even.

3. Sift material B, add it into method 2, and quickly pull it up with a scraper to make the egg and flour mix evenly.

4. Put material C into a steel basin and mix well. Melt material D and add it. Then add it into method 3 and mix it well. This is chocolate chicken cake noodles.

5. Put the rabbit shaped baking mold on the stove, preheat it with low heat, then apply a thin layer of salad oil with a brush, pour the chocolate chicken cake noodles into the groove of the baking mold (about 9 points full), then cover it and turn it over quickly, let the whole model stick to the top, and then wait until it is baked and colored (about 12 minutes), lift it from the seam with a sharp cone or bamboo stick.