How to make Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake

Material Science:

How to make Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake

A. Chocolate cake slice: 3 eggs, 90g sugar, 75g low gluten flour, 15g cocoa powder, 20 g melted butter

How to make Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake

B. 150g raspberry mud, 40 g Sugar, 1.5 pieces (7G) of Geely dice, 150 g of fresh milk oil and 5ml of rum

How to make Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake

C. Fresh milk oil 60g, milk 30g, white chocolate 110g, salt free butter 50g, fresh milk oil 160g, sugar 20g

How to make Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake

D. 50g raspberry mud, 10 g Sugar, 60ml water, 1 piece of Gillette (5g)

E. Decoration: milk oil, fresh raspberry or red cherry, white chocolate crushed amount

The practice of Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake

1. preheat the oven 190 degrees, and the baking tray shall be padded with non stick cloth or oil paper for standby.

2. make chocolate cake slice first: mix eggs and sugar to make the egg white and thick. When you lift the egg beater, you can draw 8 words on the surface and can hold it for 10 seconds. It is necessary to pay attention not to use the eggs in the refrigerator to keep the eggs at normal temperature. When the indoor temperature is low, it is better to be able to separate the hot water basin during beating, and it will soon reach the desired state. Sift the low gluten flour and cocoa powder into the egg, stir evenly, and then add the melted butter to stir evenly into the baking pan. Apply it evenly and gently knock it down to remove the big bubbles. Put it in the upper middle of the oven, 190 degrees, bake for about 12 minutes.

3. the cake slice taken out is buckled on the baking net and the non stick cloth is torn off while it is hot. Put it in a cool place for standby.

4. cut the baked cake into mould size and place it on the bottom for standby.

5. soak the Gillette sheet of material B with ice water for 5-10 minutes. Stir the raspberry pulp with sugar, heat it to a warm temperature, then add the soft Gillette, stir and cool some for standby.

6. stir the cream of material B to a thick consistency, and then stir it in the foaming state by 5 points. Then mix with the raspberry after cooling. Finally, add rum to stir evenly. Pour the raspberry cream paste into the mold with cake slices, pour it into the mold with half height, gently flatten the surface, and put it into the frozen and solidified mold for 10 minutes.

7. boil the milk and fresh milk oil of material C, then put the chopped chocolate into the mixture until the chocolate melts. Then cut the butter into the chocolate, stir well, cool to normal temperature.

8. stir the cream until thick. Mix with the cool chocolate solution to form a white chocolate cream paste. Take out the mold, pour the chocolate cream paste into the Raspberry Mousse which has already solidified on the surface, then gently flatten the surface, and continue to set the refrigerator.

9. soak the D-shaped gelatin tablets, then heat the pulp, sugar and water. After the sugar melts, turn off the fire, add the gelatin tablets and stir them to melt, and air to room temperature. After the mousse in the refrigerator is completely solidified, remove it, gently pour the raspberry jelly on the mousse surface, and then freeze for 10 minutes until the surface solidifies.

10. take out the lace of fresh milk oil and put red fruit grains and white chocolate chips in the middle.

Food tips

Jelly layer can also be done, directly decorated with fruit. Jelly layer can make mousse more bright and bright.