How to make chocolate strawberry dumplings

Material Science

Main ingredients: glutinous rice flour, milk

Ingredients: orange juice, chocolate, strawberry


1. The orange juice and glutinous rice flour are mixed to make glutinous rice dough, with a slight yellow color.

2. Divide the dough evenly. What you see is eight soups. Put chocolate into the dough, knead it into a dough, and when you start to knead the dough, you can put water on the pot.

3. It is estimated that the water in the pot has been burned. Please go down to the Lantern Festival, and gently push it for two times with a spoon to avoid sticking the bottom of the pot.

4. The pot rolled over again for a while. At this time, add a little cold water and turn the fire down. When you can cut two strawberries, put them in the plate, and pour milk into the dish. The milk quantity is good to submerge half of the Lantern Festival.

5. The Lantern Festival in the pot drifted up and the dish was loaded.


You can also sprinkle some black sesame on the dumplings. Today’s filling is made of chocolate, which is convenient and delicious. You can try it. If you have big rabbit milk sugar, two pieces of sugar can be packed together. If the water for cooking Lantern Festival is not nutritious, don’t drink it. Milk is better. In addition, if you use the juice and noodles of black rice porridge, the Lantern Festival black must be very charming, and the color can be created.