How to make coarse cereals flour cake delicious

Pastry with mixed grain hair

Skin material: 120g of whole wheat flour, 45 g of corn flour, 150g of millet flour

How to make coarse cereals flour cake delicious

Dry yeast 5g, edible basic noodles 1g, sugar 10 g, water appropriate

How to make coarse cereals flour cake delicious

Filling materials: 22 g of green beans, 70 g of minced pork filling, 80g of shrimp meat, 40g corn grains, 10 g of green onion, 2G ginger

How to make coarse cereals flour cake delicious

Seasoning: 12 tbsp salt, 1 tbsp oyster sauce, 12 tablespoons of wine, 2 spoons of raw sauce and 1 egg white

How to make coarse cereals flour cake delicious

Five incense powder 18 spoons, sugar 1 spoon, fragrant oil 1 tsp

How to make coarse cereals flour cake delicious

The practice of pastry with mixed grain

1。 All the pasta materials are put into the pot, and then form a slightly soft dough. Cover with wet cloth for 2-3 hours.

2。 Blanch the beans in boiling water.

3。 Cut the shrimp into grains.

4。 Put the minced pork filling, shrimp grain, scallion and ginger, salt, raw extract, wine, five flavor powder, sugar and oyster sauce in a pot, stir evenly.

5。 Add egg whites and mix well.

6。 Add corn, green beans and sesame oil to mix well.

7。 Mixed filling.

8。 Send the dough to 3 times the size and take out.

9。 The dough was divided into 12 small dosage forms on average.

10。 Take one flat.

11。 Put in the filling.

12。 Tighten the closure.

13。 The wrapped green is hand-made into a pie shape. After all the cakes are made, the room temperature is kept for 10 minutes.

14。 Heat the oil in the pan and put in the cake.

15。 Fry to one side of the yellow, turn over, the other side also fry yellow, pour in 4 tablespoons of water into the pan.

16。 Cover the pot and simmer until the water is dried.

17。 After opening, pour in a little oil and fry until golden on both sides.

18。 Sprinkle the onion before you leave the pot.

Food city is a little windy:

1。 The ductility of the grain surface is not good, and the surface should be slightly wet for some good operation. When the green is wrapped, the board should be sprinkled with more powder.

2。 The cake with mixed grain hair noodles will have better taste with sugar, and the sweeter it is to chew.

3。 The pasta of miscellaneous grain is not good to pack, filling can be put less, the package is smooth and then slowly increased.

4。 The noodles of miscellaneous grains are not very ripe. When frying, add water to braise.

5。 When frying, the oil quantity should be more, two sides fry yellow before adding water to braise. The cake skin will be very crisp and fragrant if the oil is large.

6。 The mixed grain noodles can be replaced with other surfaces of equal amount, such as sorghum surface, buckwheat noodles, bean noodles, black rice noodles, etc.

7。 The mixed grain noodles must chew slowly before the fragrance can digest!