How to make coarse cereals steamed bread delicious

Steamed bread with coarse cereals

Materials: 400g flour, 30g of miscellaneous grain powder (coim, yam, thicken, Poria cocos, lotus seed and oatmeal powder), 10 g of black sesame powder, 5g yeast powder and 210-220 g water.

How to make coarse cereals steamed bread delicious

Hand and face:

How to make coarse cereals steamed bread delicious

Mix flour with mixed grain powder, black sesame powder and yeast powder, add water, stir with chopsticks to form small dough, then knead it into smooth dough by hand, cover with a slightly wet drawer cloth, and ferment it to twice the size in warm place;

The production method of coarse cereals steamed bread

Bread machine and noodles

First pour water into the drum of bread machine, then put flour, grain powder, black sesame powder and yeast powder in turn. Start the flour closing procedure, and then form a dough in 20 minutes. Take out the water and wrap it in a fresh-keeping bag, and ferment to twice the size;


1. take out the fermented dough, knead it evenly with your hand repeatedly, clean the air, rub the growth Strip, pull or cut into about 30 grams of dough pieces, and shape the steamed bread flour embryo by rolling round with your hand;

2. water the steamer, put the wet drawer cloth on the drawer, place the surface embryo in, and there should be a gap between each, cover it, and continue to wake up for 20 minutes;

3. first, open the small fire for 10-15 minutes, and gradually heat the flour embryo to wake up more fully. Turn to large water and boil for 10 minutes. Turn off the fire, do not uncover the cover, and then steam for 5 minutes, then open the pot and take out the steamed bread.

The production method of coarse cereals steamed bread

Steamed bread with fresh corn pulp

Raw materials: fresh corn pulp, yeast, flour, sugar, milk

Tools: steamer, panel, basin


1. Break the corn grain from the fresh corn, and beat it into corn pulp with a machine, and make it coarse and fine at will;

2. Pour the battered corn pulp into the pot, add about 2 g yeast, and put it for 1 or 2 minutes for standby;

3. Add a little sugar to corn pulp, add flour, stir evenly, add milk slowly, knead into a soft and hard dough, cover the fresh-keeping film for fermentation;

4. Take out the fermented dough, rub it fully, evenly divide it into small dough, and then knead it into round steamed bread blank one by one;

5. Put water in the steamer, put the steamed bread green into the steamer, cover the cover for about 20 minutes (determined according to the ambient temperature);

6. Open the medium and medium fire and wait for the water in the steamer to boil, turn to medium and small heat for 15 minutes. When the time comes to turn off the fire (do not open the lid), remove the steamed bread after about 5 minutes;

Steamed bun with milk and chestnut noodles

Raw materials: chestnut, soybean flour, flour, milk powder, sugar, yeast, warm water


1. Wash the chestnut and make a mouth on the surface of the chestnut. Cook it in boiling water for 5 minutes and peel it while it is hot;

The production method of coarse cereals steamed bread

2. Put the chestnut pulp back in water and cook until the chestnut is soft and sticky;

3. Put the chestnut in the blender and add a little water to beat it into chestnut mud;

4. Flour, chestnut mud and soybean flour (1:1:1) were mixed, yeast, sugar, milk powder and moderate warm water were added to mix and dough were added for fermentation;

5. After fermentation, the dough was divided into uniform small dosage forms and then knead into small steamed bread;

6. Steam the raw embryo of the steamed bread into the steamer for 10 minutes.