How to make cocoa cheese

Cocoa cheese Qifeng

Cake material: egg yolk 3 fine sugar 22G cream cheese 68g corn oil 27g low powder 45g cocoa powder 19g milk 75g salt 1 pinch; protein 3 fine sugar 37G

How to make cocoa cheese

Decoration materials: light cream 100g fine sugar 10g, sugar beads, chocolate, sugar powder a little, a rose.

How to make cocoa cheese

Baking: middle and lower layer, upper and lower fire 150 ℃, hot air for 40 minutes

How to make cocoa cheese

The practice of Qifeng with cocoa cheese

1. prepare all materials.

2. stir the cheese in 60 ℃ hot water until smooth, then stir with milk to dissolve completely.

3. add 22G sugar to the egg yolk and beat it to a white color after 40 degrees of warm water. Add corn oil heated to 50 degrees in steps, and stir well.

4. add yolk paste to cheese paste and mix well.

5. cocoa powder, low powder salt mixed for 3 times, then sift into egg milk paste in batches, mix well.

6. add sugar to dry foaming in three times.

7. take 14 protein and put it in cheese paste and mix well.

8. pour back to the protein and mix evenly.

9. pour the mixed cake paste into the mold, tap the bubble in the cake paste on the table.

10. put in the middle and lower layers of the preheated 150 degree oven, turn on the hot air function, bake for 35-40 minutes.

11. cream and sugar to 9 for distribution.

12. after the cake is out of the oven, the button is cooled and demoulded. Evenly apply the cream to the cake, scrape the pattern with a scraper, sprinkle a little chocolate chips and sugar beads, place a rose in the middle, and sift a little sugar powder.

Food tips

1. if you don’t like cocoa taste too strong, you can reduce the amount of cocoa powder properly and exchange it with the same amount of low powder.

2. this oven has hot air function. I tried for the first time, and felt that the heating of hot-air cake was more uniform. If the oven has no hot air function, it can be used only for baking.

3. the cheese taste in this cake is not very obvious. It can be tasted vaguely. It will be better if it is refrigerated in the refrigerator and eaten again.