How to make cocoa jelly cake roll

Cocoa milk cake roll

Raw milk jelly material;

How to make cocoa jelly cake roll

1 tbsp of fish jelly plus 12 tbsp, 2 tbsp of water

How to make cocoa jelly cake roll

125g fresh milk, 25g fine sugar, 10 g Corn flour, 75g animal milk oil


1. Fish gum powder is soaked with water for standby

2. Add fine sugar and corn starch into the pot to stir the fresh milk evenly

3. Add fresh milk oil, heat with small fire, stir it into thick milk paste while heating, and immediately turn off the fire

4. Add soft fish gel powder, stir evenly

5. Pour the milk paste into the mold and put on the fresh film (rectangular box) in advance. After cooling and solidification, it will be the original milk freeze

Cake material;

A. Hot boiled water will be 45 g, salad oil 50g, cocoa powder 20g, egg yolk 4, fine sugar 30g, low gluten flour 50g

B. 4 protein, 50g fine sugar, 3 drops of lemon juice

Cake roll method

1. Stir the salad oil in heated boiling water, stir evenly, sift in cocoa powder and mix well

2. Add yolk and fine sugar to mix well, sift in low gluten flour and stir evenly

3. Beat the protein into a bubble, add lemon juice and 13 sugar, beat it to the fine shape, add 12 dozen of the remaining sugar until the striation appears, add the final sugar, and then beat to nine for distribution

4. Take 13 protein into the yolk paste, and stir it evenly with a rubber scraper

5. In all the inverted protein cream, mix evenly to form cake paste, put it in the baking pan, and shake out bubbles 120 degrees and medium layer for about 22 minutes

Take out and cool on the baking net after baking

The cake roll is cold. Remove the 13 cake roll. The cream can not be rolled up as before. The cream is spread on the cake roll. Put the cream in the middle. Then, put the cream around the cream and roll it up. Wrap it in the paper and refrigerate it for half an hour. Then slice it